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Who I Am

I am a newspaper, social media journalist, photographer and editor before anything else. A self published author, award winning journalist, photographer and newsroom editor. I specialize in reporting environmental issues, climate change, sports health and fitness. Follow me on Twitter @RichTardif and LinkedIn and Facebook

My before and after

before after RT 2015

How did I do it?

Writing Portfolios

Writing Portfolio 1

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Formal Education: Degrees in Social Psychology, Honours in Human-Environmental Science, Journalism, with a D.E.C Social Sciences.

Communications Specialist

Writing and editing assignments such as B2B feature articles (Security Week, Money Magazine, blogs) and B2C (terrycutler.com, Cyology Labs); press releases; email marketing and newsletters; website and print copy; Native news or sponsored advertising; social media content; multi-media online and digital videos. Follow me on Twitter @RichTardif and on LinkedIn, and on Facebook.