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Who am I

Accountability, safety, motivation, and industry knowledge are a few of the many reasons to trust me as the way to your health and fitness needs. Personal training is offered in different gyms, at dojos and bodyweight gyms as well as home training, outdoor and group training. My network of nutritionists, physiotherapists and massage therapists are there if you need them.

Maybe you’re here because you’re frustrated with big box gyms? Maybe you’re here because the reality of not exercising means a lower quality of life in the coming years. Maybe you’re here because your doctor recommended regular exercise as a way to make you feel good and boost your energy, as opposed to exercising for weight loss? If he or she did, recommend him or her to your friends. Your doctor is a visionary.

Allow me to carry that vision forward? I will inspire you. Each day, through small changes, you will feel more energized, experience less inflammation, and sleep soundly. You will eat healthier in response, move better and feel inspired. The body thinks about the long-term, and so do I.


My dedication

mouv_nation-rt-slam-ballThrough bodyweight training, joint mobility through functional movements, emotional motivation and wellness we can create and maintain the functional strength and athletic ability you need to enjoy life.