About Richard Tardif

Richard Tardif is an author, personal fitness trainer, life coach and an award-winning health journalist who has been writing about health and wellness for over 20 years. As someone who has struggled with his own weight and health issues, Richard’s mission is to shed light on the misinformation propagated by the fitness industry, and the media to empower people to take back responsibility for their health. In his debut book, Stop the Denial: A Case for Embracing the Truth about Fitness, published by Smiling Eye Press, Richard tackles the media head on. Richard Tardif is a passionate and experienced personal trainer, specializing in helping the over 50 crowd, but he regularly works with other specialists and his personal approach is beneficial for anyone needed to kickstart their journey to fitness and wellness. He has over 20 years experience as a fitness and wellness journalist to back all his academic knowledge and a very healthy cynicism towards the Health Industry. He also has a very loyal following of clients for whom he’s helped develop wellness lifestyles they live daily. A compassionate and knowledgeable defender of what’s right for us. Get in the same corner and get ready to benefit.


Are you ready to embrace your true fitness?

In his debut book, certified personal trainer and award-winning health journalist Richard Tardif exposes the hype around the fitness industry, its empty promises and outright lies about dieting, exercise and losing weight. Intended for anyone looking to embrace a healthier lifestyle, Stop the Denial takes aim at some of the biggest misconceptions of health and fitness, including:


• Manipulative tactics used by the fitness industry media to generate profit
• Fake news and how it influences your fitness and health goals more than you realize
• Why eating less and moving more isn’t the answer

Whether you live at the gym or you’re just getting started, Stop the Denial will surprise and inspire you to embrace a fitness lifestyle that will really work in achieving your goals.