screen-shot-2016-10-14-at-9-30-51-amI met Richard Tardif on a beautiful evening during one of his group training sessions. I needed to get in a better shape for my health but also just to feel better, and have more energy. His training provided exactly that.  One of the first things that he told me was, “Remember, I am not your friend, I am here to help you push yourself.”

It was exactly what I needed to hear. Richard is able to skillfully balance between my capacity and my need to be pushed just enough so I can make progress, which is where all the art of coaching resides. The tools that he uses are simple. No need for fancy machines, heavy weight lifting or complicated routines. To an outside observer it can even look easy. Crawling on the floor looks easy for a three year old so how can it be difficult for me?  After all, I can run 10 kilometers without any problem. Well, after one minute of doing the beast crawl, I was so exhausted that I realized that I was not in as good shape as I thought. I also learned with Richard that when you properly execute the movement your whole body is involved and you can accomplish more in one hour of training with him than three hours in a gym. I also have not experienced any physical pain or negative impacts.

Richard also helped me improve control over my mind and body, and how to control my breathing, how to push my limits when my body is tired but my mind wants to quit, which as I learned is an important key to success. Ghislain Paillé

I have seen many trainers within the last two decades and I can say without a doubt that Richard Tardif is an insscreen-shot-2016-10-14-at-9-35-48-ampiring and dedicated trainer. Because of his humane and efficient approach I quickly felt I was in good hands. He is always there to motivate me and to help me to do more. Richard’s training is “short burst and efficient” and I feel that my body is working all day! Usually, I lack energy between 2 p.m. and 3 p.m., which makes it harder to work and concentrate. Now, when I have the morning training with Richard, I feel that I have more energy all day and that my mind is more active. Furthermore, I feel much more positive and my whole family is benefiting.  Émilie Bourque

Digital-LockSmith-Inc.-322-640x962Richard is my ghostwriter and also my fitness advisor since 2012. I turn to him for my company communications and public relations, editing and press release writing. He is also my fitness and nutrition advisor. I’d recommend Richard for personal training and a no nonsense approach to fitness, health and wellness. Terry Cutler, CEO Cyology Labs terry@terrycutler.com



It’s been a revelation to me

I wasn’t sure what to expect from Richard, or if I really understood what a complete program around our natural movements meant using ropes, bands, tires and rings. I attended a Fit4Life class designed for entry into this specialized form of training and for those of us older than 50. On the surface it seems like a low impact routine, combining elements of Yoga and Pilates with a personal touch and all combined with a little teamwork training. It was over before I knew it.

I didn’t feel like it was a usual routine, as I didn’t feel much burn, or even get too sweaty. I felt energized, thirsty, and relaxed. Don’t get me wrong? During the various exercises I was able to feel the different muscle groups we were working and I loved the explanations of why we were doing them, and what poor postures were corrected. The burn came later!  Without a shadow of a doubt I had a great workout, without stressing the muscles to the point of needing a long recovery period. This experience has been a revelation to me and I can’t wait to see it grow!  Mario Perron, Magazine Publisher, Life Coach

If you want someone with straight-to-the-point advice and guidance for your weight management goals, Richard would be the person. He even raided my fridge and taught me what to look for on food labels, and how to train for effectiveness during my illness. He is a great motivator and challenges me to always strive to push my personal boundaries. I’d recommend him.  Jenny Paret  jennyparet@aol.com

“Those who think they have no time for exercise will sooner or later have to find time for illness,”  – Edward Henry Stanley






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